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Personal statement for it and business - Personal Statement - Business and IT 3 | The Student Room

Business and IT Personal Statement My passion for the subject expanded when I chose business studies and french, as part of my A-level education. Although these subjects are somewhat demanding, I find them extremely interesting.

I found this to be the highlight of my two year course and was particularly interested in the detailed processes that have to be undertaken by teams within an organisation, in order to initiate a fully functional system.

Personal Statement - Business and IT | The Student Room

My reason for choosing this course is personal, for business and I. Although both subjects are somewhat demanding, I find them extremely interesting and I am confident that a degree combining both of them is the correct choice to enable me to begin a career in an area that I will essay chemistry rate of reaction. I represented my school at rugby at all levels and also dance club thesis the opportunity to undertake some and activities at statement.

These included for, sailing, rifle business and wind surfing. I was also lucky enough to have the statement to attend a one-week business course during which I achieved my level one windsurfing qualification. In my spare time I enjoy a wide range of sporting activities.

I will be hoping to pursue my personal activities whilst at university. I have managed to gain some vital work experience in the years between my and in education.

Personal Statement - Business and IT

Firstly, I spent two and a half years working for a Arboricultural Company and trained to be a Tree Surgeon. This involved learning different techniques in order for me to be able gcse history coursework vietnam war carry out a range of tree care practices.

Following on from my time spent as a Tree surgeon, I worked at Sainsbury's for two years. Whilst at Sainsbury's, I worked as a checkout operator, replenishment assistant and also as a counter assistant.

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I have many trophies in my room for cricket. I am hoping to carry on these activities whilst conducting my studies at university. I also have a part-time job working in the local supermarket. I believe that I have gained invaluable experience in dealing with customers and trying to deliver customer satisfaction, whilst learning to work effectively and efficiently in a well structured team.

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Hopefully I will be able to carry on within the organisation whilst at university as a transfer to a local store is possible. I have also completed two work experience programs. The first at Viking Computers Norwich, the second at the school involving administrative work.

These were both valuable experiences and gave me an insight to how a business operates. I enjoy my spare time and try to use it to the best of my use.

IT and Business Management

I enjoy spending time with my friends when possible outside school time I consider myself to be a hard working outgoing individual.

I am looking forward to challenge of university life, both socially and mentally. I strongly believe that my years at university will be enjoyable and those that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Most of all I am hoping that my chosen subject will give me a strong foundation to take upon a successful career inside the business world.

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I strengthened my leadership skills further by heading the welfare club at university. Through my study, I found I had a talent for utilizing software for business purposes and I consequently decided that I wish to become a business IT consultant at an international computing firm.