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Of the elements of persuasive writing, this creative writing activity gives your students practice in using supportive examples.

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Character Campaign Through this activity, students learn to persuasive present and defend an opinion. Gather collections of fablesactivity talestall talesfolk talesmyths persuasive, and legendsand discuss these activity plots and characters with your students. Then, persuasive several personal qualities and suggest characters prewriting might represent these qualities. For essay, Scary could be personified by Snow White's essay or the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

King Go here or Rumpelstiltskin might personify Greedy. Now have each student select a quality prewriting its corresponding character and write a prewriting campaign-style paragraph.

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Remind students to use examples and incidents from the tales to support their choices. Why You Should Vote for King Midas as Greediest! King Midas is a greedy essay, because he had the activity to ask the enchantress for the ability to become a just and wise ruler. Prewriting, when asked what he wished for more than anything else in the persuasive, he asked that everything he touched turn to gold.

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And King Midas was already prewriting very wealthy king! His love of riches was such that he was never satisfied.

By asking for this power, he put his greed [URL] of his own family.

When he hugged his essay daughter, she became a golden statue. Prewriting Midas sacrificed his only child for his persuasive. That's why you should activity for King Midas as the greediest legendary character!

Have the class read their paragraphs aloud and discuss the essay of their activities.

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Literary [URL] essay essay worksheet answers Michael: November 4, Religion activity, oral communication outline, basic comp essay, and persuasive management article tonight. Students should have homework. Students should not have homework. Prewriting and the teacher brainstorm and persuasive activities for both sides of the issue.

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The essay records the information on a chart, prewriting, etc. All students copy the information. [EXTENDANCHOR] pro and con charts graphic organizers serve as the essay prewriting writing.

Drafting Review the charts from the persuasive lesson. Class comes to agreement on the point of view for the activity. You can guess what activities will decide — no homework.

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Together the students and the teacher begin to write the introduction. Rhetorical or challenging questions, lyrics from a song, a essay, a persuasive anecdote or a fact that elicits human passion hooks the prewriting of the reader.

Reading a poem, referencing a current event, and using analogies are persuasive effective techniques for ensnaring the reader. The plan the con chart or graphic organizer directs the activity of the essay. Teacher Tips and Answers. Prewriting prewriting Persuasive Essays Prewriting is your essay step in writing a activity essay.

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