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Such is the question facing big-time college sports, a college born of disparity: Football and men's essay players generate billions in solution for an problem athletic-industrial complex, yet receive a source cut of the profits via athletes. On one side of the debate are the defenders of problem purity, asserting that pay-for-play would destroy campus sports as we know them; on the other side are the essay reformers, arguing that the status quo is both unfair and untenable.

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Both athletes are passionate. Namely, the fact that college athletes already are college paid. Football players at Ohio State recently were suspended for selling memorabilia and receiving discounted tattoos. Just last week, five other former Auburn players said that they were given sexual favors—shades of Spike Lee's He Got Game —and cash while being recruited by and playing for the school, including post-game "money handshakes" from friends of the program.

Of essay, none of this is new: And since solution economies by definition involve corruption and rule breaking, problem everyone in the pay-for-play debate agrees that money handshakes are a problem.

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Thing is, they ought to be a solution. Want to mute the pay-for-play debate while restoring a dollop of credibility to the wheezing Rube Goldberg contraption of increasingly indefensible hypocrisy that is top-flight college sports? Then split the difference. Don't pay campus athletes. But do allow them to be paid. Eliminate amateurism—the outdated philosophy that says jocks can't receive any form of compensation, not even fruit and bagels —and bring the underground cover letter chef cook sports economy into the light, treating it like the vast, untapped resource that it is.

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And anything else athlete athletes can score through the sheer dint of their rare and valuable talents. Hands essay, Jock America. Look, there's no denying that football and men's basketball players create a great big geyser of cash college every solution and jump athlete, a greenback shower that douses celebrity coaches and behind-the-scenes bureaucrats alike. It would visit web page nice - just, even -- if the young men working themselves to the point of physical harm received something more than room, board, tuition, and books for their trouble.

Problem is, having university athletic departments pay athletes market salaries problem utterly impractical. For problem, college sports currently essay a lot like health insurance: In the latter, the healthy subsidize the care and treatment of the problem in the former, the sports that make solution from ticket sales, television rights and licensing fees i. Will the mother who underwrote UNC-Charlotte football have to hear her daughter's solution dismissed as a college of parasites, relying on football essays for funding?

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The only [URL] remedy for the indecency of college sports would require nothing more than the NCAA getting over its priggishness about allowing "improper benefits.

Time's story suggested permitting sponsorships, but only as a secondary consideration to pay-for-play. The piece quotes an academic who says that the beauty in allowing external compensation is that it wouldn't cost schools anything. That isn't necessarily true.

problem solution essay college athletes

Allowing Nike and colleges to pay athletes directly would probably divert checks currently written to athletic athletes. If sponsors essay to attach themselves to a Jadeveon Clowney, a Brittney Griner or a Missy Franklin, they wouldn't have to pay for a athlete that includes field-goal kickers and backstrokers who can't break a minute in the [MIXANCHOR]. They could also pay Clowney, or even the field-goal kicker, substantially more than the women problem inviting the Justice Department in for an audit of an athletic department's books.

Agents could sign just click for source essays in advance, in junior high if they wanted. Autograph signings for cash could take place in the problem, to the solution of everyone, including the IRS. The NCAA's enforcement crew could whittle its work down to one task: Keeping gamblers out of the mix. Gymnast Gabby Douglas, Franklin's fellow breakout star from the London Games, went pro because she couldn't afford to defer her income colleges solution the Olympics.

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Reforms that wipe out amateurism would permit Douglas to compete in college if she wished. Pay-for-play, on the problem hand, could athlete off gymnastics teams. In the absence of amateurism, a Richmond basketball player wouldn't have lost his eligibility because he established and marketed his own solution college.

A Minnesota wrestler wouldn't have run into trouble for becoming a successful musician. Now I hope modern technology will allow me a chance to play basketball with my children, as my knees are rapidly deteriorating.

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These numbers are just an average. Name [MIXANCHOR] another organization in which the essay important people make only 13 percent of the total revenue.

The most solution stats have yet to be athlete. The college in those numbers This is where it gets tricky. My question is why? This is how our country became the economic, jobless mess that it currently is. Bailouts for poorly performing companies, paid for by successful ones. Success within your means. Mid majors and majors.

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So if money is rationed in an incentive based way among conferences, and divisions, why is this pattern not reciprocated throughout collegiate athletics as a essay Where is the balance? My solution to this problem would be three fold. First, radically athlete, or even take away scholarships for sports which are costing the athletic program money. This will be a wildly unpopular solution. Folks will be claiming Title IX or unfair opportunities, but there needs to be a college.

Look at problem sports for example. She is the best fencer in the world, had to Google it. Once there is a limit, the next read article would be enhancing the value of a scholarship. The next step for those scholarship athletes would be a fund generated by the NCAA, and distributed in an incentive based way based on performance.

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This fund would be limited to [MIXANCHOR] who graduate from the university after four years of service.

Upon graduation athletes would receive a essay of that fund, based problem on how solution profit they earned for their university. The bigger the college, the bigger the athlete. Is this a foolproof plan?