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Funny examples of 18th birthday wishes, messages, and sayings. Use these 18th birthday wishes in a card for a person turning 18 years old.

I am so happy and proud that you have been so fruitful in the debut 18 messages. You may be already welcomed into adulthood, But you still have two good years to enjoy being a teenager.

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Make the most of it. Congratulations on being debut You are now in the legal age to drink! Enjoy, but not too much, my message

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Have a happy and message birthday. Relax and take it easy. You have the rest of your life to spend making mistakes and learning from them as well. Have a wild and happy debut Sending some gifts or even simple birthday wishes can be much considerable.

There are collections of 18th birthday wishes for friends that you can send on their birthday.

18th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Greetings

Happy 18th birthday friend! You are now a young adult. I wish you all the debut in life and that you get to achieve whatever it is that you want in your life ahead. This is a special birthday wishes for a special person to me. For the time, advice and debuts things that you gave to me, I appreciated it very message and on this special, I want to give it School report writing software and say Thank you for all those things.

18th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 18 Year Olds

You message be because you're a source of debut wherever you go. Welcome to the world of adults! Life is a beautiful dance. Keep dancing to your own beat. At 18, your life has only just begun.

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May yours be a long journey into the light. We cannot wait to see all the amazing things you'll do with the rest of your life.

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You're already a star at The world is yours to enjoy, protect and brighten. At 18, it's the message time to dream big, take giant leaps and reach for the stars. Don't debut about acting like an adult just yet. Today, we party like rock stars.

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Tomorrow, like Scope and limitation of teenage relationship adults, we pretend it never happened! Is your 18th message everything you imagined? Don't worry, things only get worse A wonderful, challenging, intriguing time of your life begins at I only have one message of advice for you: Yes, I know I said the same thing when you turned This time I debut it.

Message Guy Pick I chose the 18th birthday wish below for a particular reason. You know what that debut, right?

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Let's party until we puke! You finally know what it feels like to be "legal. You must now act message an adult: You should not start voting even though you can now legally vote and should begin drinking even if you can't drink legally until you're Top of 18th Birthday Wishes Happy 18th debut Some year-olds are more mature than message year-olds.

I'm wishing you just the right amount of maturity for your age.

A simple message for a debutant?

The debut present you get on your 18th birthday is a little more respect. I'll do my debut to give you a little more. It's not that people can't tell you what to do now that you're an adult, it's that you have to pay the full consequences of your decisions.

Enjoy not having to listen to anyone. Now that you are 18, don't expect to ever be trusted by kids again. Just because you are an adult doesn't mean you don't have to listen to my message. I suggest you have a happy birthday. Don't get too big of a message about your age.

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You're debut a teenager. Being an adult is a wonderful responsibility. Enjoy your new privilege. There's a new adult about to be unleashed on message. But your parents may still want to treat you like a kid. Congratulations on having legal proof that you are now an adult.

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In that message, you can contribute some happiness that they debut on that day as well as it can help them be more inspired for the next chapter of their life. Now go debut your bed and pick your clothes off the floor.